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Trademark Objection

Call Now Once TM gets objected, this means that your name is not filed according to IP INDIA rules, and now your status might show objected, tm status objected can be resolved by replying or by different methods, it all depends on the examination report which is published on the IP INDIA's website a month later after filing the TM Application. Trademark Objections are resolvable if you contact a trademark consultancy professional trademark status objected. The following are some things that you can do if trademark status is objected:

  • Send us the Examination Report, or TM Application Number, our professionals will study your examination report and will contact you.
  • Reply to Trademark Objection, trademark objected means that your file may not be filed in accordance to IP INDIA, but it can be due to the "Similar Names", "Confusingly Similar", Phonetically Similar, or "Same Name", trademark objection reply will give your point of view for filing the name which is Objected by IP INDIA and then minitry will reconsider your application.
We follow a well mannered process of Trademark Search which is done under IP INDIA SEARCH. TM Search is done by legal professionals to provide our clients a better professionalism. For Registered Trademark you can opt our Trademark Services: TM Registration | TM Objection | TM Renewal | Logo Trademark | TM Hearing For Trademark Consultancy you can contact us on our contact numbers.


What is Objection?

You have registered a Trademark in India and now someone filled a similar trademark or someone is pretending to be like your trademark, take legal action against them and secure your brand.

About Legal Protection Of (R)

For protecting your brand name and uniqueness, you need a Trademark which cannot be copied by someone else and if someone try to copy your brand's uniqueness, you can easily sue them, if you have a registered trademark.


Brand Protection

Trademark provides protection to your brand identity, register your brand and increase confidence while dealing with your partners.

Role of Objection

Objection provides you the power to take action against illegal trademarks that can be copied from your brand

Documents Required

Documents required for filing Trademark Registration:


Details required for filing Trademark Registration:

On behalf of you, we are authorized to file for Trademark Application, Provide us the following details along with the documents mentioned above. 1. Applicants Name. 2. Business Name. 3. Brand Logo. 4. Brand Slogan. 5. Registration Address.

Process Of Trademark Objection

Submit Documents
Document Verification
Wait For Approval

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